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Best mattress toppers are made from a range of materials now a days. One of them is the wool. The wool mattress topper can be a good option for you if you want supreme comfort and also want a temperature smart mattress topper. The prime ingredient of this type of toppers is wool. So if you’re thinking why you should purchase wool mattress toppers instead of the conventional mattress toppers, then here’s the answer for you.

Why Wool Mattress Toppers

We know wool mattress toppers aren’t that popular or well known, but the wool mattress toppers do provide some features and benefits which might just change your mind and thinking about the mattress toppers. Here are some qualities of Wool mattress toppers which are very unique from the others.

Relaxation– The wool mattress topper can provide you relaxation like no other. We know the wool is a naturally very soft materials. They are very good in regulating the heat of your body. So bring these two together. A wool mattress topper can provide you super comfort, softness and a nice warm feeling ensuring great relaxation.

Efficiency in temperature controlling- Temperature plays a vital role in sleeping. If the bed is too cold or too hot, then it becomes really hard to enjoy a sound sleep. Naturally, wool can hold the body heat in cold weather, and also, can keep things cool in hot weather. So a mattress topper made from wool can give you the perfect environment for sleeping ensuring the right temperature for you.

Good for allergies and asthmas- Well, wool is naturally a hypoallergenic material. Sensitive people do not usually have an issue with the wool. So naturally, a mattress topper made of wool is free from allergens. It can ensure a good sleep to allergic people or those who have asthma.

Great for bed sharing- The wool mattress toppers are best for those who share the same bed but prefer different thickness level or firmness. The wool mattress topper can be placed on one side of the bed to provide different firmness on each side.

Consistency- Mattress toppers made of other materials can sag, become compact, hard and lose their consistency over time. The cushioning becomes uncomfortable. But that’s not the case with the woolen mattress toppers. They can maintain their original shape and provide you comfortable cushioning for years.

So, you see there are many good reasons to buy a wool mattress topper. As we’ve discussed the primary facts about wool mattress toppers, let’s now see our pick of the best wool mattress topper for you.

SnugFleece Woolens 1089 SnugSoft Elite Wool Mattress Pad

Wool Mattress Topper

As we’ve mentioned before, the wool mattress toppers provide great comfort, good temperature control, and consistency. Exactly that’s the case with the SnugFleece Woolens 1089 SnugSoft Wool Mattress Pad. It provides you the perfect temperature, desired comfort, and long-lasting consistency. Let’s see all about its features in short.



Features AT a Glance

  • Free from chemicals
  • Machine washable
  • Made in the USA
  • Super luxurious 1 1/2” pile height
  • Natural fiber of wool cushions pressure points effectively
  • Maintain perfect temperature according to the weather
  • 2 inch elastic corner straps

This is an incredibly good wool mattress topper. The features are plush and it’s also durable. Moreover, it’s very beautiful to look at. It’s one product worth having.

We’ve talked about the basics about wool mattress toppers and also checked out a great product. Now let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the wool mattress toppers.

Pros and Cons

There’s always some positives and also negatives about a product. Wool mattress toppers also have some. Let’s check them out.


  • They’re very efficient in heat controlling. Keeps you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather
  • Gives you super comfort and luxury
  • Maintains its consistency for a long time
  • Maintains good heat circulation throughout the body
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Durable


  • Wool mattress toppers are a bit costly than the others
  • Has a strong odor initially
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The Final Verdict

As you can see in the pros and cons section, there’s no major issues with a wool mattress topper. It’s very comfortable. It keeps the body heat in a constant level which is very healthy and ideal for sleeping. It’s also natural. So there’s absolutely no downside of having a wool mattress. You should definitely try one.

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