Latex Mattress Toppers Guide and Reviews

When we talk about the mattress toppers, we consider the latex mattress toppers as a prime choice. Latex is a natural organic product coming from the rubber trees which makes the mattress toppers very natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly. It comes in different sizes, styles and shapes. It also firms your present mattress and makes it more comfortable. It also ensures durability.

We’re going to talk about the top 3 best latex mattress toppers here. But before we get to them, we’ll talk about a few things about latex mattresses that you have to know.

Why Latex Mattress Toppers?

Well, before purchasing a product, we always try to be sure about the quality of that product. So when we give priority to the latex mattress toppers, it’s obviously for the quality of them. These mattress toppers are made from latex foam that comes from the tree. So it gives a natural, green and non-toxic, eco-friendly environment for sleeping.

The latex mattress toppers are good for health. The mattress toppers are designed with cellular holes which allow a great amount of air circulation throughout the mattress that ensures a sweat-free cool atmosphere.It also adapts to the shape of your body ensuring great comfort and support. As these mattress toppers are made from totally natural products with no touch of harmful chemicals, these are a great choice for anyone.

Now let’s get on to the main part of our review and find out our top 3 picks for the best latex mattress toppers.

Ultimate Dreams Full 3 Inch Talalay Latex Soft Mattress Topper


If you’re current mattress isn’t soft enough and not so efficient in relieving the pressure points, and then this one may be the perfect solution for you. This latex mattress topper makes your current mattress softer with more comfort and durability. Let’s check out its features.



Features At a Glance

  • The Talalay latex gives 33% more pressure point relief than normal foam and fiber
  • Made from hypoallergenic materials
  • Will not sag or squash
  • Has 3 different options for firmness
  • Natural bamboo fabric
  • Ensures durability
  • Provides more comfort and luxury
  • 19 ILD mattress topper

It’s a very good option indeed when it comes to latex mattresses. The features are awesome, and it provides durability and makes your old mattress feel luxurious and soft. It can be compressed and carried around easily. It’s a very good mattress topper for anyone.

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Certified Organic Latex Mattress Topper by Organic Textiles


A pure organic and natural mattress topper with no touch of chemicals or additives at all. It’s an eco-friendly mattress topper made from plant-based ingredients and totally free from synthetic, toxic and petroleum based ingredients. It’s the best in its class. Let’s have a look at its prime features.



Features At a Glance

  • Provides superior support with 40% better pressure point relief
  • Extremely natural and a breathable mattress topper
  • No chemical ingredients used
  • Super durability
  • Hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, dust mite resistant and anti-frugal
  • Certified by GOLD (Global Organic Latex Standard)
  • Good air ventilation provides temperature efficiency
  • Adapts to the curves of the body
  • Strong edges for extended durability

No doubt, the Certified Organic Latex Mattress Topper is a great mattress topper. The support, comfort, and durability it provides are unmatchable. It’s the best in its class. The Latex comes from Sri Lanka and processed in California. So if you’re looking for the best latex mattress topper, it might be the one for you.

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2 inch ErgoSoft Natural Latex Foam Mattress Pad Topper


Known for the ultra-durability, comfort, and firmness, the 2 inch ErgoSoft Natural Latex foam mattress pad topper is a very good option. It gives a cozy and natural feeling while sleeping. You can order it with a 100% cotton cover that is very good. Let’s see the features which it offers.



Features At a Glance

  • Provides great comfort and support
  • Relieves pressure points
  • Perfect firmness for good support
  • Made of pure green 4.75 lb (16-18 IFD) latex
  • Good air ventilation system
  • Anti-microbial and hypoallergenic
  • Very flexible and portable
  • Provides great durability

The 2 inch ErgoSoft Natural Latex Foam Mattress Pad Topper provides you equally great support, comfort, durability, and safety. It’s a great latex mattress topper to sleep. The natural feeling with comfort is something else. It’s a highly recommended mattress topper for everyone.

As we’ve learned all about our top 3 picks of the best latex mattress toppers, now let’s check out the pros and cons of the Latex mattresses that are mostly common in every products.

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Pros and Cons

There are always some pros and cons in every products. There’s no difference with these mattress toppers. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of them.


  • Made from hypoallergenic materials which makes them excellent for sensitive people
    Very durable
  • The open cell technology allows it to be temperature smart. Keeps it cool in hot weather, and warm in cold weather
  • Made from natural extracts, this topper is eco-friendly
  • Very flexible and portable


  • The price is a bit higher than the other mattresses
  • Some users do have issues with its firmness
  • There are some heating issues

The Final Verdict

Mattress toppers made from latex are awesome. They provide you superior luxury and comfort with no added chemicals. The totally natural feeling is great. They’re good for health and your overall fitness. Most of all, these mattress toppers ensure you a perfect sleep. They’re the next gen mattress toppers. You can buy one of them and feel the difference yourself. Promise, you’ll be happy and satisfied with your decision after using one.

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