Night Therapy 4 Inch Memory Foam Pressure Relief Mattress Topper Review

Night Therapy 4 Inch Memory Foam Pressure Relief

Night Therapy 4 Inch Memory Foam Pressure Relief

There have been a lot of changes in the mattress industry lately. The arrival of different manufacturers has given us a lot of options to choose from with some amazing different features and benefits. On the other hand, this has also made it hard and confusing to choose one of them which will be best for you. But if you want a next gen best-rated memory foam mattress topper, the Night Therapy 4 inch memory foam pressure relief mattress topper could be the right choice for you. Let’s see what it offers to the customers.

Product Features Of Night Therapy 4 Inch Memory Foam Pressure Relief Mattress Topper

All the mattress topper manufacturers try to overtake each other by their distinctive and next gen features. But some of the features defy the product. They make the product stand out from the others. Here, we’ve named them The Prime Features. Let’s see them first.

Use of Materials That Have Never Been Used Before

Most of the memory foam mattress toppers use petrol based chemicals that might cause it to smell a bit irritating sometimes. It may also harm the environment. But the Night Therapy 4 Inch Memory Foam Pressure Relief mattress topper uses totally natural ingredients including Castor Oil, Green Tea and Charcoal, which gets rid of the chemical odor. It also reduces the formation of bacteria in a natural way.

The Innovative Use of 3 Layers

If you check out the mattress toppers available in the present market, you will find out that most of the toppers contains a single layer or 2 layers. But in this case, you get 3 layers. Yes, the Night Therapy 4-inch memory foam mattress topper contains 3 layers. 2 of them are memory foam layers, but the top layer is a fiber covered layer that is removable. This ensures a better support and more luxury than ever before.

Other than the prime features, there are some very satisfying other features that are worthy of checking out.

Other Features

  • This 4-inch mattress toppers makes your old, hard mattress soft and comfortable ensuring you a better sleep
  • Contains 3 layers including fiber cover, memory foam of 2 inches and 1.5 inches of pressure releasing comfort foam
  • The CertiPUR-US certification guarantees its performance and durability
  • The natural ingredients used in it ensures better natural smell and protection against bacteria and fungi

The night therapy 4-inch memory foam mattress topper is a very good product that promises to ensure a natural environment of sleeping. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this product according to the reviews of the customers.


  • The 3 layer topper ensures a better support than ever by adapting to the curves of your body instantly
  • The natural ingredients gives a refreshing natural smell that makes the user feel more comfortable
  • The fiber layer ensures effective cooling by allowing more air
  • The top layer is 100% removable and washable
  • Offers a range of good looking colors
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty


  • The Night Therapy 4 inch memory foam mattress topper is dearly loved by the customers. There’s not much to complain at all. However, some of the customers say it’s too heavy and needs at least 2 people to carry it. But that’s not much of a problem in my opinion.

As you see, there’s no complains about the quality, performance, ingredients, support or the durability of this mattress topper. I guess this already ensures the class of this amazing product.

For any further information about the product, check out the official Amazon site anytime.

Final Thoughts

According to all the customers and reviewers, the Night Therapy 4-inch pressure relief memory foam mattress topper is one of the best in business. It contains all the features that you expect from a top class mattress topper. If you need a great memory foam mattress topper, it’s a must-have, no doubt.

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